State Shelter Adoption Procedures

The Galati state shelter is a horrible place for dogs – They overcrowd kennels and dogs often kill eachother as a result. They lack medical care and proper food.

The only way you can remove dogs from this government operated “shelter” is to adopt them!

Here are the steps that must be followed:

We have to file a request to take out the dog you wish to adopt. The dog is usually made available the next day, and we can take it out. The state shelter usually doesn’t release dogs during weekends, but can sometimes make an exception for injured dogs which need urgent medical care.


The dog will be vaccinated for rabies and chipped when it exists the shelter. According to the law, after the vaccination the dog cannot leave the country for 21 days.

You will also want to give the dog the core vaccine to protect him against a wider range of diseases Рthis vaccine is required by foreign vet authorities. Core vaccine and passport cost 35 Euro.

You need to find a foster which will keep the dog for 21 days Рwe can help you get in touch with a foster home provider. Foster fees may vary between 35 to 50 Euros per month.

The transport cost from the state shelter to the clinic and to a foster home in Galati is 15 Euro.