Dog hit by car

UPDATE 10 May 2016:

Roxy is now a happy dog. She is still limping with the leg that was broken but gently putting it on the ground, that means she is slowly beginning to use it which is great news! Please help us find her a great home. She is still in foster care and she deserves to be in a forever loving family after all she’s been through. She has a wonderful, loving personality. Thank you.


Update: she has a name:┬áRoxy! She is doing well and she is still under medical treatment. She will remain in the clinic for the next 3 days under medical supervision. We visited her today and we are very happy to see she is a lot better! We’d like to thank everyone who donated for her medical bills:
Romain S. 20 eur
Maurizio L. 40 eur
Jessie W. 18.49 eur
Oana B. 25 eur
Helen N. 15 gbp = 19 eur
Maureen K. 50 gbp = 63 eur
TOTAL: 285.49 eur
A big thank you to everyone who shared her case, we make a great team!



Warning shocking footage:

This poor girl has been hit by a car in Galati, a lady called us to the rescue. We immediately went there. The dog was bleeding profusely from the groin area, we took her to the vet and is now undergoing surgery. Please share and help us find her a good home once she is healed. Thank you!






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