Plastic beds arrived!

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We’d like to thank Stibi’s Hundeparadies and their donors, Amanda G. and everyone on this list for your generosity. With your help we raised 1466 euro for our project: Buy dog beds for the dogs living in the Galati State Shelter. We bought 63 beds, the receipt is attached to this post, as well as the document certifying the beds delivery to the Galati state shelter. Here are the people who donated:

Stibi’s Hundeparadies: 762 eur
Anu R.: 25 eur
George H.: 50 eur
Lisa W.: 16 eur
Miss V.: 33 eur
Inna K.: 80 eur
Maria W.: 80 eur
Seppo K.: 8.4 eur
Amanda B.: 7.5 eur
Sue S.: 72 eur
Maureen M.: 72 eur
Doris N.: 47.95 eur
Jayne N.: 80 eur
Sue B.: 17 eur
Peter B.: 15 eur
Anu R.: 25 eur
Trine M.: 32 eur
Elaine K.: 28 eur
Joanne M.: 16 eur

TOTAL: 1466.85 eur

You can still donate for beds as we continue to raise funds for another shipment. Thank you all for your continued support!

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