Visit to Faurei Shelter

After our last trip to Faurei, local authorities reacted and decided to collaborate with us and accept our help. They took a first step today, they made straw beds for the dogs, also dog houses and they agree to let us take dogs out for adoptions. As a result of the discutions we had with the mayor and Mr. Serbanoiu representing FPAM, this Shelter is legally closed to new dogs. That means they stopped capturing dogs. The official number of the dogs living there is 237. They are all spayed and neutered and registered.The Mayor assured us that dogs will not be euthanized there and he realizes that the space there is too little for so many dogs. He promised us he will extend the shelter to accomodate all dogs in a decent manner.
We’ve been received by authorities with a willing to collaborate, to help and that makes us more than happy and driven in our endeavour to help these dogs have a better life and eventually get them all adopted. Here are three videos of our Faurei trip:

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